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Visit Morocco: Hotel Palais D’ouzoud


Hotel Palais D’ouzoud awaits you at the heart of the mountains of the Middle Atlas, tourist area of excellence , where the beauty of this place will bring you to an atmosphere of relief and joy , a beautiful sunset for which this region was known, a sunset holding the mountain passes of the atlas pointing to the red velvet horizon. We offer you a view of the terrace incomparably “lovely” .
The decorates now very traditional and elegant Palais D’ouzoud managed to harmonize the Berber architectural tradition with the latest design of the Art Deco style , the building is based on primitive raw materials , it respects the style of the famous kasbah that beautify the area :

  • wooden windows and doors
  • ripe clay
  • a ceiling of reeds and wooden columns .

United thousand contrasts

Just 3 hour flight from london, reaching Morocco, which offers visitors a continual contrast and a complete change of scenery : whiteness of the northern cities and ocher ksour and Kasbah of the south, sunny squares and dark alleys, teeming streets cities and lonely deserts.

Everything is contrast.


Unlike other African countries , no vaccination is required , no special treatment is recommended .


Morocco is ” a cold country where the sun is hot “, most of the country, mountainous or mainland , has significant temperature differences between winter and summer, between day and night.

Hospitality At Palais D’ouzoud

Upon arrival, our team offered you any special conditions for a pleasant stay among us. we put special price opening for our first customers , do not wait to make your reservation, enjoy the occasion, guests who book the palace of ouzoud are overwhelmed by the large variety of rooms that are available to them provision , there are 10 rooms and pool side garden.

Special space Caravan

We have a Special space Caravan

If you have a caravan, Palais D’ouzoud offers a caravan special area equipped with all the necessities ( drinking water, electricity , shower … ) .

Swimming pool at our Palais D’ouzoud hotel

Demeure d’ouzoud’s unique temperature-controlled outdoor swimming pool, with their lush landscape, stylish yet comfortable sun beds, provides the perfect retreat from the busy day in ouzoudfalls. Lounge-style sofa areas, as well as beds for amazing scenery, provide an interesting twist to this unique back yard at our Demeure D’ouzoud hotel.

to go from dream to reality , you have only one destination Palais D’ ouzoud .

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Ideally located in the mountains of the atlas, bordering the nature magnificent azilal. Palais D'ouzoud offers all the amenities of a comfortable living.

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A little about us

At Palais D’ouzoud, you can simply relax, thanks to the comprehensive range of services.
All the rooms have a windows with a panoramic view of the forest or the pool and Andalusian garden.

Palais D'ouzoud

Being in Ouzoud Palace is like being invited to attend in a table of the arabian night.
His means to relax your mind, Fabulous Falls ouzoud or beauty in pure “nature spirit”